Traditional Art&Design
DenArtt(Deniz Çaplı)
28 year old freelance artist;)))🎨
Traditional Art&Design
chubby figures(completed)
Chubby figure drawing group
(WIP/Full Version Coming Soon);)))
Mini flower experience
Watercolor on paper(mini size)
Aquabulb on my hand
Mixed media(watercolor,markers and white ink pen)
Birdie birdie
Watercolor and white ink pen on paper(mini size)
preview one of my next artworks…
adorable pug portrait
watercolor (used markers and white ink pen for some details)
surreal artwork
mixed media(watercolor,markers and white ink pen)
while working on a new artwork…
(full version COMING SOON ! ;)))❤)
newest Photoshop design…
based on this tutorial;